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Eden Energy Medicine

Do you struggle with low energy, aches and pains, or an illness that is holding you back from living your life the way that you want to live it?  Do you find it hard to experience joy or feel like your life is overwhelming?  The sad reality is that most of us can answer "yes" to at least one of these questions.   In a world filled with foods that are not natural, pollution, and stresses that our bodies were never designed to tolerate, it's no wonder that most people don't feel at their best.

Our bodies are amazing machines, capable of performing thousands of functions without our minds ever having to think about them.  But what is it that drives all of these biochemical functions?  Einstein’s famous formula, E=mc2, changed the course of physics and of history by showing that matter is a form of energy. Our bodies are comprised of molecules that are in constant motion and that are continually being influenced by outside forces.

Eden Energy Medicine is an approach that involves balancing and restoring your body’s natural energies for the purposes of increasing your vitality, strengthening your mental capacities, and optimizing your health.  Energy Medicine empowers individuals to take control of their health by not only having the practitioner balance the client's energies, but teaching the clients tools to keep their energies in balance for the rest of their lives!

This service is available:

  • In Person (for local clients)

  • Via Skype

Channeled Guidance

Channeling is a natural form of communication between the earth plane and the Divine.  Those who are able to channel act like an interpreter or translator, picking up on non-verbal communication and then verbalizing in human words.  All living beings have the ability to channel source energy because source energy is what we essentially are.  When people have brilliant ideas or are able to pull in information without knowing where it comes from, this is called unconscious channeling.   There are some people, however, who are conscious channels and are able to tune in and out of the unseen world at will.

Sarah uses channeling to bring in loving messages and truths to her clients from the Divine.  The hope is that this information will help to bring clarity and understanding to a particular situation or state of being.  After the message has been delivered, Sarah works with the client to set intention to shift the situation by calling in the energy of love in its purest form which, when people are ready to receive it, has the ability to heal.

​This service is available:

  • In person (for local clients)

  • Via phone

  • Via Skype

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