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Let's Talk About Love

In our society, we define love as the way that we feel about someone or something. We talk about how we love our partner, our parents, our children or we claim to love a certain food, sport, job, car or place. But how is it that we can we compare how we feel about those closest to us to a bowl of delicious pasta? Perhaps one of the reasons that we use the term “love” so loosely is because we really don’t understand what love truly is.

If we take a look at love from a metaphysical perspective, love is a frequency. It is an energy that we have the capacity to emit from our beings that can bring about profound and transformational healing. Love from this standpoint has no conditions attached to it. When it comes to healing our lives, we must begin to understand love from this perspective.

In life, there are basically two fundamental human emotions; love and fear. If you think about the choices that you make in your life, they are often fear based. We stay in relationships because we are too scared to leave or to hurt someone else. We stay in jobs that we don’t like because we are afraid that we won’t make enough money to support our lifestyles. We hold back our true thoughts and feelings because we are afraid of what other people might think of us. Fear is a low frequency energy that binds us, freezes our energies and stops us from being who we are meant to be. Love is expansive, allows our energies to flow freely, and helps the truth of who we really are to emerge. In order for our bodies, minds and spirits to be well, we must harness the power of love and overcome our fear-based thinking. But how does one go about doing this? In a world filled with messages based on fear, how do we begin moving away from this mass consciousness and into a new way of being?

There are many approaches that one can take when it comes to moving away from fear and embracing a life filled with love, but there are several fundamental steps that must take place no matter what path you choose to embark on. The first step is to have a true desire that comes from within to transform your thoughts and emotions. Just the desire to change your thinking will spur your consciousness to shift. The second step is to become aware of the thoughts and emotions that bind you. Pay attention to how you react to situations and people in your life. Are you actions based on fear or love?

Once you become aware, you are able to make a conscious decision to change your thinking. As you clear out these old patterns, you open the door for more light, love and truth to emerge from your being. Your energies begin to flow, your health improves, and the truth of who you really are comes to the forefront.

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